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Responsive Photo Template



Purchase with (+Advanced Album option) to get package discount and full features

No matter what your site is for, a large amount of site content and activity are still about Photos; especially, when your site focuses on Photo Sharing. Then Responsive Photo Template, a dedicated template for Photo Sharing activities, shall have your attention.

Responsive Photo template is a state of the art template focusing on photo sharing, innovated to bring more exclusive, more accessible. The template is designed with a light color scheme with a touch modern element which promises to impress young members who love to share photos of special moments in life.

Most importantly, it’s responsive, which means your site will display beautifully no matter where: Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone. In combination with Advanced Album, your site will be just a right place for Photo Sharing fans.

Most of YouNetCo plugins are now FULLY responsive. Please refer the below list for detailed.

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.9.x
Product version: 4.01p3

License key:

  • This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify the license.
  • License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area.


  • Required Responsive Template Lib 4.05p2 or higher to be installed first. You can download Responsive Template Lib under your Client Area.  



  • In this demo, we use YouNet Plugins, which are not included in Responsive Photo Template License


  • Compatible with SE 4.9.0 -> 4.9.2
  • Landing Page: Redesign layout for Photo/Album Listing block
  • Set Total Photo as the default list of Photo/Album Listing block

Supported Modules

Highlight Features

  • FULLY Responsive Template
  • Different Layouts for Various Screen Sizes (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Landing Page customizable
  • Customized homepage after login: Landing Page as homepage and User Homepage will be renamed to Dashboard. Home Page could be customized or revert back to basic home page anytime. 

Features Listing

  • Template is responsive and layout variation with correspondent screen size
    • Desktop
    • Tablet
    • Mobile
  • Responsive Framework integrated (CSS, Components and Javascripts)
    • Search widget is auto hide in Tablet Size and Tablet device
    • Search widget and main pages of each module are auto hide in Mobile Size and Phone
    • Header menu are hidden
    • Mini menu is changed based on the Screen Size and Devices
    • All components in Advanced Modules and SE Default Plugins are applied Responsive Components
  • Landing page is customizable
    • Picture Slideshow configurable: your community will attract users for the first sight by high-quality photos. You can configure link, title, description, main photo easily
    • Metro menu let the admin edit their menu’s link, menu’s background photo, menu’s icons, menu’s color and menu’s text as desired
    • Search photos/albums with many criteria for both Basic Album and Advanced Album
    • Redesign layout for album listing/photo listing on landing page, including 3 mode views: grid view, list view, pinboard view

Back End

  • Global Settings
    • Admin is able to allow user to customize Homepage after log-in 
  • Manage Photo Slider
    • Admin is able to add photos slider. Each added photo is able to add Title, Link and Description.
    • Admin is able to add up to 5 photos.
  • Manage Photo Blocks
    • Admin is able to add up to 12 blocks, and all blocks can be scrolled right/left.
    • Each block includes:
      • Icon
      • Title
      • Background image
      • Background color.  
      • Link

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