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Affiliate System



Affiliate System is now FULLY responsive.

Increase your revenue and maximize the value from your website’s visitors by introducing your subscribers and visitors to the Affiliate system. This system conveniently assists you to enhance your user shopping satisfaction within a site by letting the buyer get his desired items, the seller earn a profit through the sales, and even better an affiliate is rewarded for every subscribers or customers provided through his efforts. It is a perfect tool for you to track the referrals to your website as well as their deposits spent on your site. This is facilitated by the use of a unique tracking URL which is derived from text links on your website.

SE compatibility: 4.3.x –> 4.8.x 
Product version: 4.02p2

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This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license.
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  • Support Responsive Clean
  • Support edit layout of all pages in ACP Layout Editor

Key Features

  • Integrate with SE invitation system, member subscription, and our e-commerce modules (Social Store, GroupBuy, Auction, And MP3 Music Selling Solution)
  • Commission is given to an affiliate based on pay-per-sale in which an affiliate is rewarded only if his client (person who is referred to the website by the affiliate) makes a purchase on the referring website
  • Easy-to-register process to become an affiliate for those who are interested
  • Unique tracking URLs: fixed links, and dynamic links
  • Point system is utilized to keep track of each commission derived from the client’s purchase. An affiliate can request real money (converted from points) from site admin when the amount of minimum request points is reached.

Front End

  • Sign up to become an affiliate
  • My Clients  (the persons who has registered to the network through my suggest links, dynamic link)
    • My Clients: there is available search bar for User to search for their own clients
    • Commission Tracking: lists out all the affiliate purchased from either User’s clients or Clients’ clients
    • Links Tracking: lists out all Referring URLs which User has sent out. This also displays the number of Click, Successful Registration of a specific Referring URL
    • My Requests: lists out the requests which User has requested to Admin for commission
    • Statistics: displays the Affiliate Statistic including Number of subscription, Number of Purchases, Commission Points and Requested Points
    • Suggest Links: lists out Referring URLs which is generated for each User to share with others users
    • Dynamic Links: User is able to generate a specific Referred URL by using an Destination URL, the system will automatically generate Referred URL
  • Manage my account
    • Edit my account
    • Request my commission from site admin
    • View my commission info
    • Track commissions earned from clients
    • Track successful registrations came from referring links
    • Keep track of real money requests
    • View affiliate statistics
    • Select available affiliate sources (text links) to refer to others

Back End

Manage Affiliate

  • View affiliate statistics
  • Approve / Deny member-sign-up-to-become-affiliate request
  • Delete an affiliate
  • View Affiliate’s client details

Manage Global Settings

  • Allow auto-approve to become affiliate request
  • Enable affiliate module to integration with SE invitations
  • Set convert rate from points to real money
  • Set minimum / maximum request points: when an affiliate’s accumulated points reach minimum request point, an affiliate can request for real money. And the request amount cannot be more than maximum request points

Manage Commission Rules

  • Set commission rate an affiliate can earn from his client’s first purchase and future purchases

Manage Commission

  • Accept / Deny affiliate’s commission collected from his client’s purchase

Manage Request

  • Accept /Deny affiliate’s commission request (real money)

Manage Exchange Rates

  • Set exchange rate from one currency to selected site currency

FrontEnd Video Guide

BackEnd Video Guide

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2. When user A becomes user B’s affiliate. Does user B receive commission whenever user A make a purchase?

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3. Can users receive credits instead of real money for commission?

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