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Advanced Feed System



Advanced Feed System now fully supports Responsive and Mobile View

Advanced Feed System is fully integrated with Mobile Application

When participating in a social networking site, are you interested in being updated on the latest activities and connecting to other people by quickly posting new contents, reading, sharing and commenting on other’s contribution? If so, we guarantee that the Advanced Feed plugin will serve you well.

Advanced Feed System plugin is equipped with numerous advanced features. Tag and hashtag provide a fantastic way to mention your friend in a post or a quick search of all feeds that contain certain hashtag. Privacy and Filters help users share their feed to the right people and make their main wall cleaner by filtering out unnecessary feeds. In addition, it provides emoticon and location check-ins which are a must-have on any social network.

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.10.x
Product version: 4.02p2

License key

This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify the license.
License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area.




Key Features

  • Welcome Tab – overview of what’s going on entire of your site. You can also take quick actions for other modules on this tab
  • Feeds will be loaded automatically while scrolling page down
  • Filter member’s news in Activity Feed by default criteria:
    • Most Recent (default): show news that is the latest posting
    • Friends: show news of your friends
    • Status: show member status
    • List: show your custom lists. You can filter news in one specific list
    • Admin can add more modules from core, YN,  3rd party to filter feeds
  • Tagging – increase interaction between members
  • Hashtag – clever way to manage sharing content. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in
  • Locating – sharing location on the main wall, member profile and any object page (Core and YouNet modules)
  • Emoticons – adding smileys on any pages of Core and YouNet modules
  • Managing feeds by saving, hiding selected ones, hiding all, etc
  • Multiple privacy options for activity feed
  • Share count on each feed
  • Responsive and Mobile View supported( Required YouNet Responsive Template and Mobile View)
  • Improved layout on various types of feeds: Video, album, link, group. event

Front End

  • Welcome tab with several sections that allow quick access to popular features
  • Status update with various privacy options:
    • Everyone
    • Friends & Network
    • Friends only
    • Only me
    • Specific networks
    • Sublist of friend list
    • Individual friend
    • Groups
  • Emoticon supported
  • Options for individual feeds 
    • Hide
    • Report
    • Get notification
    • Save feed
    • Edit feed
    • Delete feed
    • Lock feed
    • Disable comment
  • Advanced Filter options which supports custom list.
  • Filter with many options such as individual plugin feeds, social feeds, saved feed, following feeds etc..  including custom list. More can be configured in administrator panel.
  • Auto load more feeds when scrolling down
  • Improved layout for various types of feed: feed with photo, blog, videos, …
  • Share count
  • Location check-ins on main wall, profile page as well as group detail and event detail 
  • Support hashtag, tag friends/tag group in main wall, profile page, group detail and event detail
  • Filter feeds in group detail , event detail, business detail
  • Option feeds in group detail , event detail, business detail
  • Privacy setting in activity feed of group, event, business.

Back End

  • Global Settings
    • Typical settings of default feed plus additional options such as custom list filter, friend list filter, frequency of auto loading feeds
  • Manage Filters
    • Manage and add filters
    • Edit/delete existing filter except core filter such as News Feed, friends, network etc..
    • Support all plugins
    • Manage content type for individual plugin
      • Manage additional content type
      • These content types are available for users to create custom filter list on front-end
  • Welcome Block configuration
    • Edit content that appears at the top of welcome block
    • Disable/Enable widgets appearing in welcome tab
    • Support conditional Welcome tab. 

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