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User Feedback - Hearing User Voice



What makes a successful Social Network? Users, of course. The challenging task is to attract users but an even more challenging task is to get them to stay.  If a user is already a member, he/she can simply send a message to the administrator if he/she sees something that’s not quite pleasant. But how about non-registered users? How do they contact the administrator? They obviously wouldn’t fill out contact form because it takes too much time. This is a serious problem that needs addressing. Luckily User Feedback provides just enough tools for you to do so.

This plugin makes leaving feedback easier for users either registered or non-registered. Other users can see each other feedback and vote. Each feedback also has a status which lets users know whether their suggestions are implemented or not. The best thing is once a guest turns into a member, all of his feedbacks are kept within his account. 

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.9.x
Product version: 4.01p3

License key

This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify the license.
License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area.




  • Add setting for maximum feedback per IP address to prevent spaming
  • Update layout of custom fields manage page in admin panel
  • Hide Feedback Button if user isn’t allowed to view feedback
  • Manage Reviews – Update Add Note textbox as required field and show owner of note
  • Member level setting – Hide delete function if user has no right
  • Add setting to allow number of feedbacks each user/email can post
  • Manage Polls – Change description
  • Update description phrase for adding new custom fields on category
  • Manage Polls – Decrease padding of Show Result popup

Key Features

  • Members and Guests are able to post feedback
  • Feedback can be viewed by all members and guest
  • Feedback can be voted, commented, liked, shared, and followed
  • Guest can comment on feedback
  • Admin can merge similar feedback 
  • After signing up, users can keep all of their feedback added when they were guests
  • Feedback button is configurabled
  • Integrated with YouNet Credit and Advanced Feed System
  • Support YouNet Mobile View and Responsive Template

Front End

  • Post Feedback
    • User can post feedback by using popup or creation form. User can view some suggestions before adding new feedback
    • Guest can add feedback to the site. 
    • All feedback are retained once guests become members
  • View feedback listing
    • User can quick view feedback on popup or view all feedback on Browse Feedback
    • Have many attractive widgets: Most voted feedback, Most popular feedback, Newest feedback, Highlight feedback, Browse by category and so on
    • User can search feedback on listing page
    • Use auto suggestion feature to suggest feedback which can be match the idea of user
    • Can view many information of each feedback such as its status, response from admin, number of votes, category and so on
    • Can vote feedback immediately
  • View feedback detail
    • Can view full content of the feedback as well as the decision of admin
    • Can view screenshots and files which attached on the feedback
    • Can vote for feedback or write comment
  • My feedback
    • Can view feedback posted by himself/herself or his/her following feedback 
    • User can edit feedback, manage screenshots/files on feedback or delete feedback

Back End

  •  Manage feedback:
    • Admin can manage all feedback, change their status, make decision on a feedback or merge some similar feedback to only one. He can also view statistic of a feedback or send email to all followers of the feedback
  • Manage feedback button:
    • Feedback button is an icon which will be shown on all pages at Front End. Users can click on the button to send quick feedback on popup. 
    • Admin can display this button with icon or text. Admin can also change the text, text color, button color, hover button color as well as position of the button
  • Manage categories
    • Can add custom field to the category
  • Manage polls
    • Admin can display one poll at Front End to get the feedback/ideas of users for a specific topic
  • Global settings
    • Admin can configure to allow guests add new feedback/comment on existing feedback
    • Configure to retain all feedback once guests become members
    • Configure to show feedback popup. We have 2 styles of popup for admin to select
  • Member level settings


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