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Listing System - Product Showcases



Listing System now fully supports Responsive and Mobile View

Listing System is integrated with Mobile Application

Online listing has become a trend recently. It’s similar to advertising but more focused on content and presentation. Listing helps raise user’s awareness of a product or service. It provides a visual presentation of what provider has to offer and detail information related to the product. 

Listing offers an easy way to for users to create and manage their listings. With various designs, users can customize how they want their listing to look. 4 different view modes bring a variety of style to listing site. In addition, search feature with radius filter enables users to find listings closest to their area. With beautiful design and various report options, listing promises to be an effective tool to create and manage product listings on any social network powered by SocialEngine.

Best Compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.9.x
Product Version: 4.01p6


Responsive Demo


  • Integrate with Location-based System plugin
  • Integrate with Ultimate Video plugin
  • Apply SE setting of default currency when posting new listing
  • Add slug in URL of listing
  • Add Total like in Listing Details

Key Features:

Front End

  1. Create listing. Photo
    • Category: pre-set categories in admin panel
    • Select themes: There are 3 themes available to choose from
    • Listing Title: Title of a listing
    • Tag: which tag you want to associate with this listing
    • Short description: a brief description of your listing
    • Description: Full-length description
    • About us: instruction about poster
    • Main photo: Representative photo of your listing. 
    • Main Video: Main video about your listing
    • End date: End date of your listing
    • Include in search results: allow listing to be searchable
    • View privacy: who may view this listing
    • Post activities privacy: who can post on this listing
    • Share privacy: who can share this listing
    • Print privacy: who can print this listing
    • Photo creation: who can create photo for this listing
    • Video creation: who can create video for this listing
    • Discussion Creation: how can create discussion for this listing
  2. My Listing. Photo
    • Users have option to import listing from csv file
    • Search box allows easy look up
  3. Browse Listings. Photo 
    • Display a list of listings
    • 4 view modes supported
    • Category filter
    • Get Direction link  allows quick reference to location of each listing
  4. Listing Homepage. Photo
    • List of categories and listings currently available 
    • 4 view modes
    • Various widgets available to display different kinds of listings
  5. Import Listing. Photo
    • Allow import of listing using csv file
    • Privacy settings for imported listings
  6. FAQ. Photo
    • All FAQs are located here
    • Answers are hidden to prevent flooding of the page
  7. Best Compatibility
    • YN Affiliate 4.03 or later

Back End

  1. Global Settings. Photo
    • Maximum Listing can be imported each times: maximum number of listings can be imported in one csv file
    • New listing expiration date: number of days before listings are no longer considered new
  2. Member level settings. Photo
    • Typical member level settings of SE such as: allow creation of listing, view listing detail, edit listing etc…
    • If YouNet credit is installed, there are a couple more settings for credit
  3. Categories. Photo
    • Listing categories are created on this page
    • Sub-category supported
    • Each category can have different custom fields
  4. Manage Listing. Photo
    • All listings are listed in this page
    • Listing have 2 statuses: closed and open
    • Listing can be highlighted or featured
    • Bulk delete/approve/deny/feature/un-feature option allows mass action
  5. Import Listings. Photo
    • Similar to import listing on front-end except imported listings can be set to automatically approved
  6. Manage Transaction. Photo
    • All transactions  are stored here
    • This page is a view only so there’s no admin actions that can be performed here
    • 2 filters payment method and status allow quick filter through all payment transaction
  7. Statistics. Photo
    • Statistics of all listings on your site
    • Graphical representation of those numbers is provided for report purpose.
  8. Manage Report. Photo
    • Report on discussion on a listing will show up here
    • 2 options available: view and delete
  9. Manage FAQ. Photo
    • This page lists all FAQs created

 1. I can’t see listing report in manage report page

-> Answer

2. Map View doesn’t show anything

-> Answer

3. Why is there no payment option?

-> Answer

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