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Newsletter: May – 2015

June 15, 2015 | 1952 Views

Another month has gone, we’re going to the end of first haft of year. Now is the time for us to look back what we have done in May

New Product

Resume – http://socialengine.younetco.com/resume.html

Resume, a fantastic plugin, a valuable addition to a professional social network, has similar features as LinkedIn plus unique features such as recommendation, export, view template etc… Users can endorse skills of each other, show/hide certain section on their resume and import resume from LinkedIn. With this feature, users won’t have to rewrite their resume.


Job Posting 4.01p2 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/job-posting.html

  • Support feature “Apply Job by using resume”
  • Company detail – Hide More setting icon when user has no right on it

Social Publisher 4.03p2 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/social-publisher.html

Advanced Video 4.03p5 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-video.html

  • Autoplay video when viewing detail video
  • Support mobile view for Dailymotions 
  • Compatible with Youtube Data API v3

Advanced Blog 4.08p4 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-blog.html

  • Auto import blog from URL 
  • Add a canonical tag in the header of blog imported from WordPress and URL

Ultimate News 4.05p3 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/ultimate-news.html

  • Allow to edit description in news

GroupBuy 4.04p3 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/groupbuy.html

  • Support Advanced Payment Gateway plugin 
  • Improve Layout of My account page n Responsive Photo template

Advanced Comment 4.01p1 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-comment.html

Advanced Feed 4.01p2 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-feed-system.html

  • Support Advanced Comment plugin. 
  • Status post should detect links and add link automatically. 
  • HTML tags in Status post should be encoded.

Job Posting 4.01p1 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/job-posting.html

  • Allow to manage options of Job Levels, Job Types in Back End 
  • Improve page loading on widgets 
  • Improvement to support Adv Search 
  • Manage jobs – Should add status draft to filter by status 
  • My jobs – User should can manage their posted jobs in My Jobs tab

Contest 4.02p3 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/contest.html

  • Support Advanced Payment 

Auction 4.02p4 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/auction.html

  • Support edit layout all pages in ACP Layout Editor 
  • Support Advanced Payment for publishing auction 
  • Support setting to allow latest bidder to continue bidding 
  • Support limit mail notifications not to send all bidders of auction

Social Chat 4.01p1 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/social-chat-live-chat-system.html

  • Support push notification on mobile app when having new messages
  • User can delete message or conservation in chat history 
  • Support CDN 
  • Can limit the number of friend to show when search 
  • Can limit size of shared file

User Credit 4.01p4 – http://socialengine.younetco.com/user-credit-system.html

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