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SocialEngine Mobile View



Mobile Template is the best way to display your site on mobile devices using web browsers. With a friendly user interface, easy navigation and focused content, your members would be comfortable browsing your site for posts or photos with having to constantly zooming in and out in order to navigate through full version. 

With the vision of increasing the mobility parameter of our products, we’ve been focusing with great effort recent days to enhance the compatibility of our eco-products with mobile template. In addition, we put a priority for products where UGC (User Generated Contents) is enriched with media built-in and location-based utilities of smart-phone. 

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x
Product version: 4.04p3

Demo: http://semobi.younetco.com/?mobile=1


  • Compatible with Chrome on Android Version 4.x and and Safari on iOS 6+
  • Firefox Browser’s mobile version and Rich text editor is not supported on mobile view

License key:

  • This module requires YouNetCore plug-in to verify license.
  • License key and YouNetCore plug-in could be found under your Client Area.


  • Compatible with Advanced Album plugin version 4.12 and later
  • Improve photo quality on Profile Photos widget
  • Add an option to set the total number of photos on Profile Photos widget

Key Features

  • Allow user to add cover photo
  • Allow user to edit profile info
  • Support SE chat
  • Layout of core plugins and Advanced YouNet plugins: Advanced Event, Advanced Group, Advanced Album, Advanced Video, Listing, Advanced Blogs, Advanced Forum and Advanced Members are updated. 
  • Advanced Album (required version:4.09+): bring better mobile user experience for all pages (details would be found at:http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-album.html), and user being able to upload photo from photo gallery or instant-taken photo. Supported widgets: 
    • Featured Album
    • Recent album, top album
    • Photo listing
    • Photo detail
  • Advanced Video (required version: 4.02+): bring better mobile user experience for all pages (details would be found at: http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-video.html), and user being able to upload video from video gallery or instant-recorded video. Uploaded videos will be automatically converted to MP4 format which is supported by HTML5 player. Supported widgets:
    • Featured video
    • Video listing
    • Recent video, popular video
    • My favorite video
  • Advanced Event (required version: 4.03+): bring better mobile user experience for all pages (details would be found at: http://socialengine.younetco.com/advanced-event.html), and user being able to search for events in area within a specific radius. Supported widgets:
    • Featured event
    • Upcoming, my events (list and calendar view modes)
    • Today, this week, this month ( with 3 view modes)
    • Most popular, most attending, most liked, and most rated(with 3 view modes)

Key Features

  • Auto detect mobile mode when user access by mobile devices
  • Use default SE template skeleton and feature
  • Allow admin to manage mobile templates
  • Support SE core pages
  • Support SE chat
  • Native App like layout
  • Support all SE default modules

Front End

  • Well support YouNet Advanced Album (4.09+)
  • Well support YouNet Advanced Videos (4.02+)
  • Well SupportYouNet  Advanced Group (4.06+)
  • Well Support YouNet Advanced Event (4.03+)
  • Well Support YouNet Listing (4.01+)
  • Well Support Younet Advanced Blog (4.08p3+)
  • Well Support Younet Advanced Forum (4.04p5+)
  • Well Support YouNet Advanced Member (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Chat (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Advanced Feed (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Job Posting (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Business Directory (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet User Feedback (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Advanced Comment System (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Resume (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Multiple Listings (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Advanced Search (4.04+)
  • Well Support YouNet Social Music (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Ultimate Videos (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Video Channel (4.01+)
  • Well Support YouNet Full Slider (4.01+)

Back End

  • Manage Mobile Custom Styles:
    • Admin can edit or delete style
    • Option to activate or deactivate a style


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