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Though the hashtag symbol had been invented for very long time, it just became certainly popularized with the masses by Twitter from the 2000s and then was adopted by Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and seemingly many other major social platforms. It is now an important part of every modern marketing strategy. Hashtag makes their content easier to be searched, categorized as well as targeted to expected audience in online communities.

Let’s “hashtag” with YouNet – Hashtag on SocialEngine, if you love its functionalities in searching, categorizing, analyzing and linking, or you want to take its advantage of click-ability to improve your click through rates, or even if, you only care about the fashion!

Best Compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.9.x
Product version: 4.01p1

License key:

  • This plugin requires YouNetCore plugin to verify the license
  • The license key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area


Key Features

Front End

  • Hashtags link with search queries, created by using a pound sign before a no spaces, no punctuation and no special characters word or phrase
  • Integration with Basic SocialEngine Search and YouNet Advanced Search:
    • Search by text at search box near the mini menu
    • Search by text from Advanced Search
    • Support auto-suggest hashtags when search by text
    • Search results displayed on activity feed
  • Integration with Advanced Comment
    • Can find out feeds which have comment contains the target hashtag
    • Can add hashtags to comments
  • Filter hashtag by its item-types from the search result
  • Integration with YouNet’s modules:
  • Integration with Advanced Feed:
    • Hashtags put in any above modules item will be shown along with that item on the New Feed
    • Hashtag search result displayed on the feed
  • Top Trend widget: 
    • Display most trendy keywords of the whole site
    • The number of hashtags to be shown set by the admin

Back End

  • Global Settings
    • Enable/disable Hashtag on feed and all modules
    • Enable/disable filter hashtag by item type
  • Manage Filter:
    • If filter is enabled, admin can check to choose which types that end user can to filter hashtag results
    • Add more different filters with different types

Question 1: Once Hashtag integrate with Advanced Feed, do I have to install Advanced Feed also?

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Question 2: How does Hashtag work with other third party plugins?

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Question 3: Can we add hashtag to object titles?

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Question 4: Is there somewhere in that hashtag cannot be detected?

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  • Supported Browser

    IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

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