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Product Upgrade: Advanced Search – 4.04 – Everything Is Widgetized

December 31, 2014 | 1655 Views

Advanced Search 4.04 – Mobile View compatible, has been released

In this version, Advanced Search is updated to be responsive and compatible with Mobile View. Aside from Mobile View compatibility, there are a couple of noteworthy enhancement:

  • Search page are now widgetized
  • All YouNet plugins are supported
  • 3 view modes for search results

In addition, Advanced Search page layout is redesigned to better suit contemporary theme design. Last but not least, each plugin now has its own search landing page which helps users navigate through search results quicker. 
We hope that with this new update, Advanced Search can help your users finding information easier and more conveniently . Experience yourself at

Below is a complete list of enhancements in this version

Support Moble View, Responsive

  • Search Pages are widgetized pages and admin can drag and drop widget. Admin can enable/disable some specific search pages
  • Each module can have a search page as landing page
  • Search results can be viewed as list /grid /pin view depending on modules
  • Support all modules of YN
  • Redesign all search pages of YN
  • Add more suggestions for main modules on mini menu bar
  • YN Modules + Core modules:
    • Members
    • Blog and Advanced Blog:
      • Blog entry
    • Event and Advanced Event:
      • User’s events
    • Video And Advanced Video
      • User’s videos
    • Classifieds
      • User’s listing
    • Polls
      • User’s poll
    • Auction
      • User’s auctions
    • Album SE
      • User’s albums
    • Advanced Album
      • User’s albums
      • User’s photos
    • Contest
      • User’s Contests
    • Filesharing
      • User’s folder
    • Forum and Advanced Forum
      • User’s topics
    • Group and Advanced Group
      • User’s groups
    • Groupbuy
      • User’s deals

Here are some screenshot for your reference

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