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Advanced Group



Advanced Group now fully supports Responsive and Mobile View

Advanced Group is integrated with Mobile Application

SocialEngine Basic Group plugin is basic where not many features offered for Site Administrator, Group Owners and Group Member such as Useful Links, Group Email, Group Video, External Inviter and so on. The privacy configuration is quite simple, Group Ownership could not be transferred; Permission to upload Video, Photo is able to restrict to certain member levels.

Advanced Group plugin enhances SocialEngine Basic Group; it enables Site Admin and Group Owner to secure community better when providing multiple settings on Permission and Privacy configuration. Moreover, with External Inviter, current members are able to invite their friends to join community and their groups. This would rapidly increase number of  group members and site members. Sharing feature is also more interesting when Members are able to share their Photo, Video, etc. within their group members.

The plugin now reaches to the next stage of evolution where it brings up better mobile web user experiences. Advanced Group now works perfectly compatible with our Mobile View Template. Users can easily stay social on-the-go.

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.10.x
Product version:


License key

  • This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license
  • License key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area


  • This module is fully compatible with SocialEngine standard themes and YouNet themes
  • If you use a custom template, please submit ticket in the Client Area to get assistance from us

Knowledge Base: http://knowledgebase.younetco.com/category/social-engine-products/advanced-group



  • Support kilometer unit in search by distance
  • Show information of member detail page when sharing on Facebook
  • Improve officer list thumbnails in group detail page
  • Support sub-category of groups
  • Hide empty widgets if there are no items existed
  • Supports Right-To-Left layout
  • Integrate with Location-Based System plugin
  • Compatible with Video Channel plugin
  • Group category and sub-category titles can be translated 
  • Apply theme’s main color to Featured Groups widget border
  • Add Upload option on editor page of group discussion
  • Group activity settings now hide unavailable modules

Key Features

Front End

  • Browse Groups
    • Support 3 mode views of groups : List View, Grid View, and Map View
    • Featured groups are displayed in slideshow
    • Search for groups by Group Name, Category, View (Everyone’s Groups or Only My Friend’s Group), Location (integrated Google Maps), Radius (mile), and their characteristics (Recently Created, Most Popular, Most Active, Alphabetical: A-Z, Z-A)
    • Display overall group figures in Statistic widget
    • Categories widget lists out all available categories and sub-categories 
    • Tags cloud
    • Additional widgets such as: Newest Groups, Popular Groups, Active Groups, Group Directory, etc
  • My Groups
    • Display all groups which have been created and have been joined by the current logged-in users
    • On each group, showing full information such as group name, owner name, number of member, a portion of group description
    • Search for groups by Group Name, Category, View (Everyone’s Groups or Only My Friend’s Group), Location (integrated Google Maps), Radius (mile), and their characteristics (Recently Created, Most Popular, Most Active, Alphabetical: A-Z, Z-A)
    • Ability to Delete/Edit or Leave Groups
  • Create New Group
    • Assign tags/keywords to each group
    • Selected cover photo and profile photo
    • Classify group by category / subcategory 
    • Integrated with Google Maps to define group location
    • Cute Name to specify another name to call the group
    • Option to show/hide uploaded videos in search results
    • Allow/Not Allow group members to invite others to join the group
    • Approve members settings: new members can join the group immediately or have to wait for the group owner’s approval
    • Ability to configure many privacy on the group: view group, comment on group, photo/album creation, event creation, poll creation, video creation, and many more
  • Group Details
    • Separated sections for big group Cover Photo with Profile Photo
    • Stand-out Announcement slideshow and ability for members to “Mark this announcement” as read
    • Ability to Transfer Owner to deliver group ownership to other group members
    • Invitations Management let users/group owners manage their sent requests to internal on-site users (Invite Member) or external people (Invite by Email)
    • Members management to allow Remove Member, Make Officer, Demote Officer, Add to Blacklist
      • Manage users are waiting for approval
      • Manage members are in blacklist
    • Create Sub-Groups to be under other parent groups
    • Group Sponsors for advertising purpose
    • Useful links recommendation
    • User / group owner can perform other actions on the group such as Join/Leave, Share, Report, Edit/Delete, Message Members, etc
    • Other integrated pages: Albums, Videos, Events, Listings, FileSharing, Discussions, Polls, Mp3 Music, etc
    • Support Advanced Feed System
    • Additional widgets: Recent Album, Top Posters, Most Active Members, My-like Groups, etc
    • Support AddThis content sharing

Back End

  • Manage Group
    • List out all the groups which have been created on the site
    • Search for groups by Group Title, Owner Name, and their characteristics (Only Featured Groups, Only Not Featured Groups, Only Sub-Groups, Only Parent Groups)
    • This page displays all of the information such as ID, Group Title, Feature Status, Owner Name, Sub-group status, Number of Members, Number of Views, Creation Date
    • Admin can Feature/Un-feature, View, Delete or Change Owner of a group
    • Mass action to delete groups
  • Global Settings
    • Define number of groups will be displayed per page
    • Define the number of possible answering options to be allowed one each poll
    • Allow/disallow members to vote again on the same poll
    • Configure the period of time for a group to be defined as new group
  • Member Level Settings: managing for each member level
    • Configure if they can View / Create / Edit / Delete / Comment on groups
    • Configure the creation capability on Sub Group, Photo, Photo Album, Poll, Video, Wiki, Music, Folder, Listing
    • Define the number of each item per page
    • Ability to configure many privacy on the group: view group, comment on group, photo/album creation, event creation, poll creation, video creation, and many more
  • Categories
    • List out all available categories / sub categories
    • Options to Edit / Delete categories and sub-categories
    • Allow 2-level of categories
  • Profile Fields
    • Add more custom fields for members to declare when creating a group
  • Manage Reports
    • List out all reports about groups on the site
    • Options to View / Delete each report

Front End

Back End

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3. Does Advanced Group require Advanced Video for video integration in group?

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