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Social Ads



Nowadays, advertising becomes an inseparable part of a social network. Whether it’s for a commercial or non-commercial purpose, advertising is a powerful tool to convey idea and perspective to users. Having an effective tool to create and manage the advertising is crucial to the growth of a social network. 

Social Ads was developed to serve this purpose. It’s a powerful tool that allows administrators to create and manage ad packages effectively. Advertisers have various tools to keep track of the progress of their ads. Additionally, ads can be placed anywhere from header to footer, which provides advertisers many placement options to choose from. Variety in ad types, flexibility and full control on every aspect make social ads a prime candidate for implementing an advertising system on Socialengine platform.

Best Compatibility: SE 4.8.x – 4.10.x
Product Version: 4.01p6

Supported Modules :

  • Ads can be placed on all widgetized pages
  • For internal content: Default Modules and YouNet modules are supported. Other third-party modules can be added via module manage page.
  • YouNetCo Credit and Advanced Payment are integrated with Social Ads.



Highlight Features:

  • Third Party modules can be integrated seamlessly
  • Ads can be placed on all pages
  • Various types of ads supported: Banner, Text, Feed
  • Audience targeting ads
  • Various payment gateways supported including Pay later option
  • Campaign and ad report
  • Admin has full control over every ads and campaign
  • Transaction management
  • Virtual Money

Key Features:

  • Flexible Pricing System 
  • Ads can be paused and resumed
  • Admin has full control over ads and ad package
  • Virtual money
    • Remaining amount of underachieving ads can be used for next ad campaign
  • Report tool and statistics
  • 7 ad positions supported.
  • All widgetized pages supported.

Front End – Normal Users

  • Users will see ads either on activity feed or other places of a page. Photo
  • View FAQ

Front End – Advertiser

  1. Create ads. Photo
    • Item types: 2 types of item supported
      • Internal: use item of a module on your site as an ads
      • External: Link to other sites
    • Ad Type: There are 3 types of ad: Text, Banner, and Feed 
    • Ad placement: Advertiser can place ads in as many locations as he wants.
    • Pricing: Pricing option is flexible. Advertiser can increase as many clicks/impressions as he wants and of course, price will increase in response to increase in clicks/impressions
    • Audience Setting: Advertiser can target a small number of audiences or a whole community. There are various settings such as
      • Age
      • Network
      • City
      • Country
      • Gender
      • Profile Type
    • Payment Method: Various payment methods are supported including pay later option
  2. Manage Campaign. Photo
    • The advertiser can edit, delete a campaign, view ad of a campaign. 
    • Statistical data is provided for report purpose
  3. Manage Ads. Photo 
    • Depending on ad’s current status, advertiser can edit or pause an ad
  4. Report. Photo
    • Provide detail data regarding user’s ad such as number of clicks, impressions, reaches, unique clicks
    • Export option enables advertisers to export their report from HTML format to xls/csv format.
    • Provide report on all campaign or single campaign
  5. Virtual money.
    • Full amount paid for an ad will only be charged if its goal is reached with the time period. If it doesn’t reach its goal, only partial amount of initial fund is charged and the rest will be returned as virtual money
    • Advertiser can use virtual money to pay for the next ads
    • Advertiser can request refund in the amount of virtual money he has in his account
  6. Payment Transaction. Photo
    • All payment transactions that advertiser has made will be available on this page

Back End

  1. Global Settings. Photo
    • This page contains several global settings such as number of ads shown on feeds, location of feed ads and expiration time of pay later request
  2. Member level settings. Photo
    • Typical member level settings of SE such as: allow the creation of ads, view ad detail, ad auto approved etc…
    • If YouNet credit is installed, there are 2 more settings: allow using credit to purchase ads and credit generated for creating ads
  3. Ad management. Photo
    • All ads created will be available on this page
    • Ads will have 9 statuses and for each status, there are a set of actions admin can perform
    • Search bar allows admin to find and locate ads quickly and conveniently. Search filter includes: status and type
  4. Campaign Management. Photo
    • All campaigns are listed on this page
    • Campaigns have 2 statuses: active and inactive
    • Status filter helps admin quickly find campaign of given status
    • Bulk delete option allows mass delete action
  5. Package Management. Photo
    • All packages created are listed here
    • Change status of a package with simple click
    • Each package has a list of allowed ad type
    • Price of a package is flexible though it’s required to set its initial price
  6. Package Creation. Photo
    • Provide a comprehensive form for admin to create an ad package
    • Admin can select which member level can create an ad using created ad package
    • Block name and allowed modules indicate which blocks are supported in this package and which item from which modules are allowed in internal content field
  7. Pay Later request management. Photo
    • Pay later requests are listed here with 4 statuses: complete, initialized, denied and canceled
    • Bulk action allows admin to confirm/cancel multiple requests at the same time
    • Every request has a link to the ad to help admin quickly review if he should approve it
  8. Transaction Management. Photo
    • All transactions including pay later are stored here
    • This page is a view only so there’s no admin action that can be performed here
    • 2 filters payment method and status allow quick filter through all payment transaction
  9. Pending Money Request. Photo
    • Whenever advertisers send request for money, they show up here
    • Its date filter allows admin to summarize how many requests there are in certain period of time
    • 3 options are available: accept, reject, and view
    • Either accept or reject, admin has an option to specify why this request is rejected/accepted
    • Upon acceptant, admin will be redirected to Paypal to make payment to advertiser who sent the request
  10. Manage modules. Photo
    • Social ad’s supported modules are listed here
    • Admin can edit/delete any module he deems necessary
    • Pagination makes the page look cleaner
    • Upon installation, all default and YouNet modules will be added
    • There’s an option to add third-party module into this list
  11. Add module. Photo
    • Provide a comprehensive form in order for admin to add another module into the support list
    • Requires a bit of database knowledge in order to fill out these fields
  12. Manage Ad block. Photo
    • Each ad block has info such as page, widget name, creation date, limit and ajax based
    • Switching between ajax mode can be achieved with a simple click
    • There are 4 actions available for admin: edit/delete/enable/disable
  13. Create New ad block. Photo
    • This form requires info about page, block placement, name, limit and ajax display
    • Widget preview section offer a quick review how ad will be organized in this block
    • 7 positions are supported: footer, left column – top, left column – button, middle – top, middle – bottom, right column – top, right column – bottom
  14. Manage FAQ. Photo
    • This page lists all FAQs created

1. How to create an ad package in the back end?

-> Answer

2. How can advertisers create and manage their ads?

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