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Advanced Payment Gateway



Advanced Payment Gateway is an extension of SocialEngine Payment Gateway. With Advanced Payment Gateway tightly-integrated in place,  it offers more payment processing option to site owners as well as members. In addition, the billing cycle option is also well compatible with recurring payment mechanism from other Payment Gateway(s). The payment flexibility increased remarkably helps to reduce the number of subscriptions dropped in the middle.

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x –> 4.9.x
Product version: 4.05p1

Support Modules:

This module requires YouNetCore plug-in to verify the license.
YouNetCore plug-in could be found in our Client Area.



In some version of SocialEngine, there’s a bug in default payment module that may cause issue to Advanced Payment Gateway. If you encounter an issue like this: Gateway login failed. Please double check your connection information. The gateway has been disabled. The message was: [0] Error in cURL request: SSL connect error

Contact SE support for a solution.

Key Features

  • Extend payment option with Authorize.net, iTransaction, CCBill, Skrill, WebMoney, Stripe, BitPay, HeidelPay and Braintree

Front End

  • Authorize.net, iTransact, CCBill,  Skrill, WebMoney, Stripe, BitPay, HeidelPay and Braintree  options enabled for payment processing
  • Billing Cycle option implemented with Authorize.net, iTransact, CCBill,  Skrill, WebMoney, Stripe, BitPay and Braintree recurring flow.
  • Support recurring flow for HeidelPay gateway (monthly only)

Back End

  • Payment gateway settings: capble to enable/disable Authorize.net, iTransact, CCBill,  Skrill, WebMoney, Stripe, BitPay, HeidelPay and Braintree
  • Account credential configuration for each payment gateway.
  • Transaction management: Authorize.net,  CCBill, iTransact,  CCBill,  Skrill, WebMoney, Stripe, BitPay,  HeidelPay and Braintree added into “Gateway” types.


Advanced Payment Gateway – User Registration

Advanced Payment Gateway – Admin configuration

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2. Does Advanced Payment Gateway support recurring payment?

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3. Does Advanced Payment Gateway support other payment gateways that are not listed in the posting?

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