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User Credit System



Credit is a virtual currency system that helps site owners encourage users to engage more in the content enrichment activity. Its system works based on very simple principal, give and take. Your social network is enriched with more content and users get something from posting content. Its various configurations give admin control over what activity can earn credits and maximum credits can be earned. It is an excellent tool for generating content, especially for a new social network.

Credit is supported by various e-commerce plugins such as Social Store, Groupbuy, Mp3 music selling and other plugins that involve transaction such as Fundraising, Contest. Activities performed from those plugins can be configured as spending credits or gaining credit. 

SE compatibility: 4.8.x –> 4.9.x
Product version: 4.01p7


  • This module requires YouNetCore plug-in to verify the license.
  • YouNetCore plug-in could be found in Client Area.



Key Features

  • Users earn credit from content posting activity specified by admin configurations or purchasing credit.
  • Users spend credits on buying a deal, publishing deal (Groupbuy), publishing contest (these modules must include transactions for credit) or sending credit (send credit to friends).
  • Transaction management.
  • Admin has full control over all credit settings.
  • Enable/disable credit per member level.

Front End

  1. Earn Credit from doing posting activities as admin configurations or buy credit (buy on page My credit or buy directly by clicking the button “Buy credit”).
  2. Manage My Credits page which contains 4 tabs
    1. General Info: general info generated from admin configurations –> user can find out how to earn credit in this tab.
    2. My credit:  total credit. Users can buy credit from packages or send to friend.  
    3. Transactions: credit earning, credit spending, filter by type of transaction.
    4. FAQ.
  3. Spend credit: buy deal, publish deal (Groupbuy), publish contest (these modules must include transactions for credit) or send credit (send credit to friends).
  4. Upgrade subscription: users can upgrade/extend subscription by using credit, users can also pay for a subscription with recurring payment.
  5. Widgets: 
    1. Top member list (create more new stuff).
    2. Buy Credit.
    3. Send credit.
    4. Credit statistic: current balance, total earned, total spent.

Back End

  1. Member Level Settings
    1. Configure which action will reward credits (only settings associated with a specific module if installed are shown)
      • Core: sign up, new friendship, invite friend successfully (contact importer supported), join a sub-network, share on wall, edit user’s profile, like an item, share an item, comment on an item, sign in.
      • Album + Advanced Album: add a new photo.
      • Blog + Advanced Blog: add a new blog.
      • Classifieds: Post a new listing.
      • Poll: add new poll.
      • Forum + Advanced Forum: add a new forum, add a new topic.
      • Event + Advanced Event: add a new event, join an event, add a new discussion to an event, add a photo to an event.
      • Group + Advanced Group: post a new group, join a group, add a photo to a group, add a new discussion to a group.
      • Video: post a new video.
      • Music + music selling: add a new song.
      • Store: add a new store, add a new product, a complete transaction for purchasing a product.
      • Group Buy: add a new deal, buy a deal successfully.
      • Contest: add a new contest, join a contest, post a new entry.
      • Fund raising: add a new fund raising, donate to a campaign successfully.
      • Idea box: add a new idea, add a trophy.
      • Wiki: Add a new wiki page.
      • File Sharing: add a new file.
      • Social Media Importer: import a media file successfully.
      • Social Publisher: publish an item successfully.
      • User Profile Completeness: 100%.
      • Video Channel
        • Share a new video
        • Create a playlist
        • Add a new channel
    2. Allow user to upgrade subscription, buy subscription using credits.
    3. Allow user to buy a deal, publish a deal, publish a contest via credits.
    4. Configure maximum credits a user can earn per action per day/week/month, an unlimited option is also available.
    5. Configure where a user can send credit to his/her friends or not, limit the amount send/receive per day/week/month or unlimited.
    6. Enable/disable credit per member level.
    7. Enable/disable page General Info.
    8. Enable/disable page FAQ.
  2. Manage FAQ.
  3. Send mass credits: send to some specific members/levels.
  4. Transactions: filter by group types (earn, transfer, buy, spend) or action type.
  5. Statistic: detailed statistics for credit earning, spending per period.
  6. Manage packages.
  7. Browse Member Credits.
    1. User’s credit.
    2. Edit user’s credit (credit/debit).
    3. View transactions.
  8. Layout Editor:
    1. Widget Top Credit Balance and Top Active Members: can configure the number of members shown on widgets.
    2. Buy credit: can configure introduction.
    3. Send credit: can configure introduction.

1. How can I know how much credit I earned?

—> Answer

2. How can I send credit(s) to my friend?

—> Answer

3. How to earn credit?

—> Answer

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