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My School Village


URL: www.myschoolvillage.org

Cost Model: Fixed Cost

Work with YouNet since: January 2015

Products used: Customization Services, Advanced Group, Advanced Events, etc.

MySchoolVillage is a private social network to help you build a better community in your school neighborhood with a focus on improving educational outcomes for your children. It is free to use, but great value can be created for you and your family through your participation.

MySchoolVillage can help to inform your family about how to make sure every student learns how to read proficiently. Reading is the key to succeeding in school and in your career. Any student of any age can participate to improve their skills.

We are working closely with the school in your neighborhood to improve the success rate of all students. Family plays a big role in academic success. To achieve reading success, we hope to use MySchoolVillage to build a better community and improve the quality of life for each participating family.


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