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URL: www.thingam.com

Cost Model: Fixed Cost

Work with YouNet since: September 2014

Products used: Customization Services, Mobile Application, etc.

Thingam is a new social media site targeting a new generation. Thingam want members to post interesting content and get people to follow them, making each member a rock star in their own right. Thingam has a combination of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter features. Like Facebook members can post updates and attach videos, photos, comments, follow friends, build a network and comment on others member’s posting. Like Twitter members can create trends with hashtags. Like Instagram photos and videos are accessible to anyone on Thingam if they are made public. But Thingam is pack with some of its own unique features listed below.



  • Customization service starting from
    $17 / hour
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  • Announcement

    • Upcoming Release
    • 1. Ultimate Video 4.01p1
    • 2. Purity Template 4.01
    • 3. Full Slider 4.01
    • 4. Rest API 4.01
    • 5. Advanced Album 4.11p6