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SocialEngine Mobile Application - Android Version


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SocialEngine Android Application is a native mobile application specially designed for mobile with the purpose of increasing interaction between members and your community. Your members are now able to access your community from everywhere to share instant updates and social activities. Mobile application also provides easy way to browse photos, send message, and participate in any event and more valuable features that your members will surely want to experience and enjoy.

Although this application is designed for mobile, it is still tightly connect with the SocialEngine admin site of your social network. All activities in mobile application will be managed by module settings in admin panel.

SE compatibility: 4.5.x –> 4.8.x
Product version: 4.03p1

Supported Environment: Android 2.3 – Android 4.4

Demo: Update Later


  • Setup Fee is not refunable
  • Login Splash Design: redesign login and splash page with your own style


  • Other than supporting general Android devices, this application specifically support 3 common devices: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Fully support function and some gestures for Android 4.0.0, support functions for 2.3.x and 4.04.
  • Support privacy settings to all modules.
  • Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter for social connect

Key Features

  • Admin is able to customize CSS style and Left Navigation
  • Enable your members to share instant social activities by supporting multiple modules: Friends, Message, Photo, Event, Profile, Video and Music.
  • Support social network activities: update status, comment, like, share posts. 
  • Allow members to create/edit album/event/video
  • Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter for social connect
  • Presents users a friendly interface with smooth navigation: larger buttons and inputs, easy navigation and awesome animation effects.

Upcoming Release

Mobile Application Features

  • Authentication: Allow users to sign up and sign in to your network. This application also enables your members to request new password in case of forgetting password.
  • Social Connect: fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter
  • Profile: it is possible for a member to view/edit their profile and also change his profile picture. Users can also add/remove friend while visiting others’ profile.
  • Notification system: show new notifications, friend requests and messages with option to allow members to view details.
  • News feed: allow users to share instant status with your community faster than ever with options to like and comment. Support quick check in using device GPS.
  • Friends: provide quick access to friend list by navigation. Your member can search for friend in friend list by name.
  • Mail/Message: sending message is now easier with mobile application:
    • Your members are allowed to compose and reply message instantly.
    • Members are able to view the content of a mail with option to reply or delete
    • Allow member to view inbox mail, sent mail.
  • Photos and albums: your members will experience a fast way to browse, add/ edit album details:
    • Members now have the ability to capture and upload a photo instantly from mobile
    • Your members are allowed to like, comment or report a photo
    • Show list of people who like and comment on a photo
  • Event is now also available with many valuable features:
    • Provide members the ability to create, edit and participate in an event.
    • Allow a member to view owned past and future events. 
    • Show number of attendees of an event
  • Social media: with this application, your members are able to enjoy watching to videos and listening to music on mobile with option to search, like and comment. They can also create/edit their videos

Admin Site

Admin is able to configure settings in admin panel

  • Manage Menus: 
    • Admin can manage all navigations of the left menu panel in front end with option to edit, deleted, enable or disable each item
    • Allow admin to rearrange menu
  • Global Settings
    • Google API Key




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  • Supported Browser

    IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

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