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www.sharemyguitar.com is a social network for guitar enthusiasts that enables users to share their guitar collection with the world! Users can create their own profiles, upload pics, songs, videos, chat with other guitarists, join guitar groups, post ads on the classified page, browse SMG forums. They can also find interviews, guitar news, and reviews which are posted daily for discovering the secrets behind amazing classic tone and much more.

Sharemyguitar.com has purchased our modules/ plugins such as: News Feed, Advanced Music, Advanced Status Bubble… since October, 2010. Then we continue to support them for upgrading platform to the last version, develop plugin which connects between Social Engine system and WordPress, and check the whole system for all applications in site working on .

Cost Model: Fixed cost
Management tool
: Jira tracking system
Project management method
: Agile-based method to work out for versions
Duration: Since October, 2010

Both customer and our members work in Jira Tracking System and  Ticket System. Customer can manage our works and statuses of all issues. Jira allows customers to know every change of project development.


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