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Advanced HTML Block

Advanced HTML Block



Advanced HTML Block widget is an enhancement to SocialEngine HTML Block for it provides featured tools that help admin manage site layout more conveniently. Added features such as Emotions, Text Editor, HTML Source Editor, Word Editor (Paste from Word), etc… allow admin to design friendly layout content. Many types of embedded media (Flash, HTML5 Video, QuickTime, Shockwave, Windows Media, and Real Media) are also supported. In addition, this widget provides a nice image editor for admin to insert and edit images for each HTML page.

Best compatibility: SE 4.8.x –> 4.9.x 
Product version: 4.02p5

Demo: http://socialengine4.demo.younetco.com refer to Adv. Html Block on the bottom right column

Key Features

  • Support multilingual
  • Support emotion icons
  • Support copy & paste from Word
  • Insert / Edit / Preview media
  • Allow admin to insert and edit image on the fly
  • Allow admin to adjust font size, font family, text color, background color
  • Allow admin to insert special characters, symbols

1. What is the difference between Advanced HTML block and SE html block?

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2. Why are there 3 text fields in Advanced HTML block widget settings?

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3. I can’t verify Advanced HTML block in YouNet Core. No entry is found.

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