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User Profile Completeness Like LinkedIn



Profile Completeness is the widget that shows the currently logged-in user’s profile completeness status. It allows administrators to select profile fields as mandatory for a user to achieve 100% profile completeness status.

Notice: This widget is designed to be placed ONLY on Member Home Page and Member Profile Page. On the other pages, the widget displayed might not be correct.

Best compatibility: 4.8.x –> 4.9.x 
Product version: 4.01p7

License key:

  • This plugin requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license
  • The license key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area

This module is fully compatible with SE standard themes and YouNet themes.
If you use a custom template, please submit a ticket in the Client Area to get help from us.


Key Features

  • Display the current logged-in user’s profile completeness status
  • Allow administrators to select profile fields and setting the these fields’ weight

Front End

  • Show the percentage of profile completeness status
  • Current logged-in users can add more information to complete their profile
  • Suggest the next information which users should add


  • Profile Completeness

Back End

Weight Settings

  • Define the weight for each profile field which is used to calculate the percentage of profile completeness status.

Global Settings

  • Edit the Profile Completeness color
  • Set up Profile Photo Weight
  • Show Profile Completeness when the profile information is completed

1. How does profile completeness work?

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2. Profile completeness doesn’t work on other pages. Why is that?

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3. Some users don’t have their progress bar shown on homepage

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