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Social Stream



Social Stream allows users to get activities from their Facebook’s Walls and Twitter such as new feeds, tweet, photo, video and event they have been tagged by others and so on. With Social Stream, users are able to set privacy for feeds in order to show to friends or to public

Social Stream not only keeps your members stay longer in your site but also create the connection with other social websites in order to attract more members.

SE compatibility: 4.5.x –> 4.8.x
Product version: 4.02p2


This module is fully compatible with SE standard themes and YouNet themes

Due to Facebook API update, you need to apply for read_stream permission in order to get feeds from Facebook. Refer to Facebook documentation for more information https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions/v2.1

Note: There’s a good chance Facebook will deny granting this permission. For those of you who purchase Social Stream between Sep 1st 2014 and Oct 1st 2014 but fail to acquire read_stream permission from, we’d offer you an exchange for other products

If you failed to obtain above permission, we’ll exchange this product for other product (less or equal value) of your choice.

If you use custom template, please submit ticket in the Client Area to get help from us.

Due to the change of LinkedIn, this plugin is not supported LinkedIn. 

This module requires YouNetCore plug-in to verify license which could be found on  Client Area
This module requires Social Bridge 4.02 or higher, which could be found on Client Area

Demo: http://socialengine4.demo.younetco.com


  • Get friends’ feeds from other social networks. 
  • Privacy settings for getting feeds
  • Post comment in a received feeds to other social networks. View Photo
  • Allow admin to configure default setting for each provider. 

 Key Features

  • Feeds from Facebook and Twitter are preserved on Activity Feeds and Member Profile Page after Social Stream is disabled.
  • Receive Facebook and Twitter feeds to show on home page and member profile page
  • Allow user to manage social accounts
  • Add icons for Facebook and Twitter to allow user to update feeds manually 

Front End

  • Home Page: View Photo
    • Facebook and Twitter icons:
      • Allows user to update  feeds manually
    • Icon on each feed:
      • Indicates where the feed come from
  • Profile Page: View Photo
    • Show Feeds on Profile Page same as Home Page
  • Manage Social Account:
    • Connections: View Photo
      • Provide option to connect multiple social accounts
    • Social Stream Settings: View Photo
      • Get Feeds: members are able to enable or disable option to get feeds from a social network.
      • Privacy Settings: control who can see feeds received from other social network.
      • Feed Source: whose feeds you can get from.

Back End

  • Manage Social API Keys on Social Bridge: View Photo
    • Provide admin the ability to set API keys to enable or disable a provider. 
  • Global Settings on Social Stream: View Photo 
  • Member Level Settings on Social Stream: View Photo



1. How to apply for Facebook permission?

-> Answer

2. How to disallow members from a member level to get feeds?

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3. How to create Test User for Facebook permission review process

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