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Social Arena

Social Arena – Turn your community into a Gaming Arena. With Social Arena, your users can challenge other gamers for matches and earn for real cash. Gamers can challenge a specific opponent, or can form a team to challenge other teams. The Winner’s cash is guaranteed by the Site Administrator, after the match result is submitted and verified. Built-in Paypal payment gateway helps deposit transaction become quick and convenient.

A simple transaction for a match is described as follows

  1. A user buys credits by his Paypal account
  2. He then creates a new match, and invites other gamers to become his opponents. He needs to specify his bet points for the match
  3. He can creates a team to challenge other teams
  4. Two opponents play a real game somewhere. Then, one submits the match result
  5. If there is no dispute indicators; another opponent confirms the result, and all betting points return to the winner’s account
Knowledge Base: http://kb.younetco.com/index.php?action=show&cat=23

SE compatibility: 4.1.5 –> 4.2
Product version: 4.04p1

Payment Gateway support: Paypal.
For other payment gateways, please contact us for custom work.

This module fully compatibility with SE standard themes and YouNet themes.
If you use a custom template, please submit ticket in the Client Area to get help from us.

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