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User Activity Point Monthly Reset  & Complete Solution for Content, Music Selling

This plug in allows to set user’s activity points automatically after 30 days from a user signup date, their points will be returned to the set amount automatically.

Required Modules :

  1. Activity Point Module:  Accumulate points based on activities
  2. Subscription Module

Price: 50 USD

Complete Solution for Content/Music Selling:

  1. Subscription Module
  2. Activity Point Module
  3. User Monthly Reset Module

User will sign up for free plan or paid plans with defined activity points for each plan.  For example:

Free plan: 10 points
Delux plan: 100 points
Pro plan: 10,000 points

User can also earn points by his/her activities.  The accumulated points ( buying and earning by activities) can be used for downloading music or to see defined pages/content, etc.

The  Activity Point Reset does the crone job daily to reset  Users’ Activity Points to the set amount automatically.

Solution Price: 500 USD including:

  1. Advanced Music (latest version)
  2. M2B Activity Point
  3. M2B Subscription
  4. M2B Activity Point Reset
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